Global Humanities Project Objectives

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All three institutions have roots in the liberal arts tradition. The arts and humanities, with their rich and complex historic and cultural contexts, are more than ever central to a liberal arts curriculum because of their capacity to enable imagination, innovation, and empathy in a pluralistic and changing world.  In the rush to science and technology that has been undeniable across the globe, we must rebalance our idea of what is valuable and important, to ensure that complex global challenges are met with nuanced, caring, and informed creativity. 

The objectives of the Global Humanities Project include:

  1. A heightened awareness among decision-makers of the effective means to rebalance higher education so that the contributions of the humanities are protected and expanded;
  2. A publication that each institution can have to collect the creativity and discussion stimulated by the Global Humanities Project;
  3. Student projects and products that can be incorporated into cooperative academic and co-curricular projects; and
  4. Exploration of the means of expanding the network to continue this work of connecting campuses around the world, in widely different cultures, all of which are increasingly shaped by their interactions with one another.